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Putting Heart into Healthcare

As a significant part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, LUEX (UK) supports healthcare practitioners through the Values in Healthcare programme. Healthcare practitioners focus on what is best for the patient but often forget to take care of themselves. It is important to look after ourselves, not only because it will benefit our patients in setting an example of healthcare, but also for our own personal well-being. Well-being is more than just keeping free from illness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is about recognizing that in addition to the physical dimension (body) of our persona, there are three other dimensions that need nurturing, namely the mental (mind), emotional (relationships) and spiritual (inner values and beliefs) dimension. In bearing a personal responsibility for our total well-being, this constitutes a deep rooted self-respect thus adding great meaning to our lives.

VIHASA (Values in Healthcare - a spiritual approach) is a personal and team development program for healthcare practitioners.
One of the keys to raising morale in healthcare today is to re-emphasize the importance of values in guiding practice at all levels.
There are some excellent values statements produced by healthcare organizations, but for values to become meaningful, they must he owned at a personal level and then integrated into our work.
VIHASA is a unique modular development programme developed by healthcare professionals in the UK which helps healthcare teams to support themselves and their patients.
VIHASA addresses an important gap in personal and team development for healthcare professionals today by taking a fresh values-based approach to their learning and practice.

Through experiential exercises and opportunities for reflection and self- assessment, participants can identify their own core values and discover how their insights can enhance and revitalize their work.

The programme is delivered via a training pack which introduces values such as compassion, co­operation, peacefulness and self-care, and encourages participants to explore using them in their personal lives and professional practice.
The learning results enable professionals and healthcare workers in all settings to cope better with their work, raise morale, and restore a sense of purpose, helping to prevent problems of burnout, sickness absence, and staff retention.
Medical care today requires a new emphasis on meeting the more profound needs of patients as part of a more effective and holistic form of healthcare. In order to do this, healthcare practitioners need opportunities to recognize and address their own deeper spiritual (inner values and beliefs) needs.
The Values in Healthcare programme empowers the experience of this essential relationship through a number of learning tools. These include reflection, listening, appreciation, meditation, visualization, creativity, and play.
Values in Healthcare comprises seven modules, each of which can help groups of healthcare professionals to explore values in depth, as they relate to their personal lives and professional practice:

Values -

gain strength through motivation.

- Values are the principles we choose to live by, that act as signposts in our lives.
- They guide our thoughts, actions and relationships with others.
- Remember what's important in my life.
- Be true to myself.
- Recognize my own and others' qualities.

Peace -

benefit from being calm.

- Peace is our natural state: within all of us there is a core of calm and tranquility.
- When we experience this peace, our judgment improves and we generate an atmosphere that benefits everyone.
- Have a quiet time at the beginning and end of each day.
- Pause a moment for stillness between activities.
- Focus on your breathing.

Positivity -

harness the power of thoughts.

- A positive attitude enhances clarity in decision-making, saves energy; and increases our sense of well-being. It also encourages life-enhancing changes in patients attitudes.
- Allow myself to be content.
- Accept the ebb and flow of events.
- Smile more, frown less!

Compassion -

release healing energy.

- Compassion is an expression of our innate qualities of patience, generosity and kindness. Experiencing it can help us be more caring in our work without suffering burnout.
- Love myself as much as I do others.
- Trust my intuition.
- Forgive, and let go of the past.

Co-operation -

appreciate the wisdom of teams.

- Everyone has specialities that can make a worthwhile contribution. When we work co­operatively, the outcome will be greater than the sum of individuals' efforts.
- Acknowledge the contributions made by others.
- Be generous and open hearted. Listen with attention and curiosity.

Spirituality in healthcare -

spiritual care in practice.

- Spirituality is known through experience. Exploring it can begin by considering what qualities in a person demonstrate spirituality; then recognizing that we have these same qualities in each one of us.
- Trust that everything is as it should be.
- Recognize and connect with the essence of others.
- Take time to appreciate life's wonders.

Valuing yourself -

sustaining the Career.

- Physician heal thyself' is a maxim that puts valuing the healthcare practitioner at the centre of healthcare. Nurturing the self requires that we recognize our own worth and, in doing so, better acknowledge the intrinsic worth of others.
- Be alert and responsive to your needs.
- Ask for help when needed; accept it when offered.
- Sustain a network of support.
- Make time for the things you enjoy.
- For more information about the program, please contact LUEX (UK) or refer website: www.jankifoundation.org

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